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General: This is an incomplete page, currently only featuring information about the recently released Peacock Alley broadcasts.

560714, 560721:  These two sessions are from radio broadcasts from 'Peacock Alley', a club in the basement of the MidTown Hotel in St. Louis, from the Saturday afternoon matinee at the club.  The MC for the broadcasts on KXLW-AM (heard briefly on the broadcasts) is Jesse 'Spider' Burks.   The material was obviously edited to fit onto a single CD, and little if any of the comments of Burks have been preserved. This would include the closing theme and remarks from the first session (560714), which are missing.   There are also obvious edits in the version of "Well You Needn't" from the second broadcast (560721b), at the end of John Coltrane's solo (around 5:00) and again at the beginning of Paul Chambers's solo (6:30). 

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