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General: This page is under construction, but will contain notes to items on the page of recordings from 1960. Some additional notes may be found on the Coltrane FAQs page.

Significant Events:

Miles Davis Tour In the spring of 1960 the Miles Davis Quintet toured Europe as part of a Jazz at the Philharmonic package.  A number of performances were recorded, and several of those have appeared on bootleg issues.  Coltrane left Miles Davis following this tour.
John Coltrane Quartet Coltrane formed his first working quartet in April 1960 in conjunction with an extended appearance at New York's Jazz Gallery.  The initial group (Steve Kuhn, piano; Steve Davis, b; Pete LaRoca, drums) did not record.  McCoy Tyner replaced Kuhn in June 1960.
My Favorite Things Coltrane spent two days in Atlantic's NYC studios in October 1960, recording a large number of titles which became four successive LPs. These include My Favorite Things which became a significant hit.  All titles are collected in the Atlantic/Rhino The Heavyweight Champion


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