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General: This page is under construction, but will contain notes to items on the page of recordings from 1962. Some additional notes may be found on the Coltrane FAQs page.

Significant Events:

Departure of Dolphy By the spring of 1962 Coltrane was receiving a considerable amount of criticism for some of the advances evident in his performances.  Coltrane and Dolphy were interviewed for down beat at the time, and Dolphy left the group about the same time (there are performances of the band from Birdland prior to his departure).  Jimmy Garrison replaced Reggie Workman after the 1961 European tour (c. January 1962).  Coltrane's 1962 recordings are notably more convervative than the music from 1961.
Coltrane The Coltrane Quartet recorded a number of sessions in late spring and summer of 1962, which were combined to form the record Coltrane.
Duke Ellington Coltrane, with Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones, recorded with Duke Ellington (along with Aaron Bell, b and Sam Woodyard, dr from Ellington's orchestra), including a classic version of In a Sentimental Mood
Ballads The quartet also recorded an album of Ballads in the fall of 1962.
European tour The Coltrane Quartet toured Europe in the fall of 1962.  Many of the performances were recorded, and a number have been released on bootleg issues.


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