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Significant Events:

Elvin Jones Leaves Quartet
Vanguard Session
Japan Tour
European Tour Cancelled

660202.  Coltrane and other group members chant "Ah-um-mani-padme-hum" to open and close 660202b. The titles listed here were originally recorded by the six musicians listed here; at that session Alice Coltrane played only piano; and Jimmy Garrison was the only bassist. In 1972 Ms. Coltrane overdubbed herself on vibes and organ, added a string section, and substituted bass parts by Charlie Haden for Garrison's original parts on two titles: 660202c "Peace On Earth" and 660202d "Leo". These overdubbed versions were issued on "Infinity" Imp A9225. An unaltered version of "Peace On Earth" (660202c) was later released on "Jupiter Variation" Imp IA9360. As a further complication to an already complicated session, there is persuasive evidence that both 660202a "Manifestation" and 660202d "Leo" are excerpts edited from a single extended recording of "Leo".


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660702.  In the second edition to the Coltrane discography I simply indicated that no tape of this performance was known. Fujioka listed details of the performance, evidently based on an audio tape. Very recently (June 1999) Alain Venditti advised me that he had had the opportunity to audition a tape of the performance, and that he could confirm Jack Lefton's recollection that the second title performed was "Welcome". (See the Coltrane FirstHand section). The tape heard by Venditti is minus the opening eight-minute bass solo reported in contemporary reviews.


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