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Verve Music Group,which now manages the Impulse catalog as a result of the the purchase of Polygram by Seagrams and the merger of Polygram with Universal Music, released five John Coltrane reissues on June 6, 2000. The releases carry the album titles of five of the original Coltrane Impulse LPs from the sixties. 

Rather than issue just the limited amount of music which fit on the original vinyl, however, Verve has chosen to fill out these CDs with additional music, including a sprinkling of previously unissued tracks. The amount of new music is relatively small--one previously unissued alternate take and a scattering of breakdowns and false starts, but that's probably enough to entice the completists to spend their lunch money. (Please see the note for Kulu Se Mama, below). Although all of the originally released material has been issued on one CD or another, several of these albums have not been available lately in anything looking like the original issue. The packages include the original notes and artwork along with new liner notes. 

The details on....

     The original issue (Impulse A-42) was comprised of:

The reissue adds:


Kulu Se Mama
     The original issue (Impulse A9106) was comprised of:

The reissue adds:


     The original issue (Impulse A-95) had one or the other of the two complete takes which were recorded. The reissue has both takes on the single CD:


New Thing At Newport
     The original issue (Impulse A-94) included one Coltrane track (along with four by Archie Shepp's group):

The reissue adds the other Coltrane title from the performance (and one more by Shepp's group):


Interstellar Space
     The original issue (Impulse ASD9277) was comprised of:

The reissue adds:


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