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This collection of "Wild sides" represents the culmination of a long-running project to capture my music.  On my infrequent trips to California, my brother Ken Wild and I joined with master drummer Ralph Humphrey in Gary Denton's small studio in Van Nuys, recording a few sides each time.  In October of 2002 we added long-time friend (and former Seawind horn) Larry Williams to make it a quartet.   At a final session in January 2003 Ken and I finished one last side, and with Gary at the controls put together a master.

The CD includes one live side, by the Centex version of the group, from a '98 Texas Music Cafe broadcast with Jeff Horton on bass and Charles Burleson on drums. We stuck mostly to originals, 10 of them by Dave, one by Ken, along with a reharmonized Gershwin standard.  There's a track list a little further down the page, with a couple of samples (click the piano), along with links to brief bios of the group members (click on the musician's name). 

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Left to right: Ralph Humphrey; Ken Wild; Larry Williams; Dave Wild.  Van Nuys CA 10/18/02.  Photo by Melody Carpenter

What'd They Say?? A few words about Wild Sides...

The CD is available from various places, through the Cadence Record Ordering Service (CROS) for example. Or if you can catch up with me or Ken, we'll happily sell you a copy. (See Dave's Calendar for places where I can be found). Or, if you like, you can place an order for the CD right now, by clicking on the link below. 

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dave wild, piano
ken wild, bass, electric bass
ralph humphrey, drums
larry williams, alto and tenor saxophone*
jeff horton, bass**
charles burleson, drums**

Recorded 1996, 1997, 1998, 2002 and 2003.


Backward Glances (D. Wild)
Small No More (D. Wild)
'S Wonderful (G. & I. Gershwin)*
Single Room (D. Wild)
Where Lines Converge (D. Wild)*
Flame (D. Wild)
One By Four (D. Wild)*
Wild Reindeer (K. Wild)*
El Chico (D. Wild)
30 X 20 (D. Wild)
Año Pasado (D. Wild)*

Backward Glances (D. Wild)
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One By Four (D. Wild)*
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Small No More (D. Wild)*
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