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Additions, deletions and corrections to The John Coltrane Reference, for the year 1949.



The October 30, 1949, Chronology entry (p. 39) is revised as follows:

 October 30, 1949 (Sunday; not confirmed). Unknown venue, Buffalo, NY.
  It’s uncertain if Gillespie was present for this gig. The listing says: “RAVENS-WASHINGTON / Oct. 21-27—Philadelphia (Earle Theatre) / Oct. 30—Buffalo, N.Y.” (“Band Stands,” Pittsburgh Courier, national edition, Saturday, Oct. 22, 1949, p. 19). Although Gillespie isn’t listed, he was definitely present at the Earle Theatre gig (see the preceding entry) and may have continued with the tour to Buffalo, where Gillespie was scheduled to open at the Town Casino on Monday, October 31, 1949 (see the following entry).


  • The following Chronology entry is new (insert on p. 39 after the Oct. 30, 1949, entry):

October 31–November 6, 1949 (Monday through Sunday, one week; closing date not confirmed). Town Casino, Buffalo, NY (681 Main St.).
            “Now—Thru Week End Oct. 30 / KING COLE TRIO / plus the dancing antics of WILLIE SHORE / and Big Show Nitely: 7:30, 10:30, 1:30 / Canadian Money at Par! / Reservations: Write, Wire, Phone / TOWN CASINO / 681 Main St., Buffalo, N.Y. / Dinner—$1.50 / Coming—Week of Oct. 31 / Hottest Harlem Show Ever / DIZZY GILLESPIE and His Bebop Band / Pearl Bailey and Others” (advertisement, Toronto Daily Star, Friday, Oct. 28, 1949, p. 17). This was probably when the band was stranded in a snowstorm in Buffalo (see Porter, 1998, p. 345).