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As general editor Lewis Porter says in the introduction to The John Coltrane Reference: "We’re not done. There is no end to our passion for Coltrane. One or the other of us uncovers new information just about every week....". Fortunately, even though the book has been out and in the hands of scholars and fans who share our passion for several years, we can (and will) continue to share new information through this website.

In some cases the co-author associated with an entry is identified by his initials: LP=Lewis Porter; CD=Chris DeVito; WS=Wolf Schmaler; YP=Yasuhiro Fujioka; DAW=Dave Wild. (Wolf Schmaler is responsible for the massive Album Title Index, the typographical errors list and the vast majority of the updates to issues). In other cases we've credited those who have provided additional information. The five of us are having understandable difficulties in documenting the flood of reissues of readily available recordings which include Coltrane, particularly large (and expensive) boxsets. The pursuit of such information requires a lot of time and very deep pockets, and it's hard to keep up. See the Reissues page for a further discussion. We also welcome any help our readers can provide in documenting the details of such reissues.

The John Coltrane Reference portion of wildmusic-jazz is divided into a set of pages dealing with the book itself and a larger set of pages containing updates to the book. Updates for both the Chronology and the Discography are listed in chronological order, with updates for each year collected on a separate page. There's one exception--updates to Appendix B (Interviews) are listed on a separate Interview page. An index showing currently available update pages is included below.

In 2011 we decided to modify how we listed the vast number of reissues. These are now listed with a one-line entry in the Updates section; the link takes the reader to a page with details about the reissue. The site is perpetually under construction, and older reissue entries may still only appear in the Update section.

Navigation: To see if there's an update to a particular session or chronology item, use the table below to find that year in the Updates section and look for an entry corresponding to the date of the session or item. You can also find reissue information this way. However, if you are looking for information about a specific reissue, try the Reissues page first.

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