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Additions, deletions and corrections to The John Coltrane Reference, for the year 1954.

  • The Ca. mid–late April 1954 Chronology entry (p. 90) is revised as follows:

April 19–25, 1954 (one week; closing date not confirmed). Colonial Tavern, Buffalo, NY (201 Yonge St., opposite Eaton’s).
            “All This Week / JOHNNY HODGES / and his Duke Ellington All-Stars / No Cover—No Minimum / COLONIAL Tavern / 201 Yonge St. Opposite Eaton’s” (advertisement, Toronto Daily Star, Monday, Apr. 19, 1954, p. 33). This gig was mentioned in a Philadelphia newspaper column (“Wandering with Woody,” by “Woody” McBride, Philadelphia Tribune, Apr. 20, 1954, p. 13; cited in Porter, 1998, p. 351).

  The ¬†Discography entry (p. 406) is revised as follows:
Add to session 54-0600, Issue Data 3:
  CD Sty ST 8510 (Johnny Hodges/ Masters of Jazz Vol. 10)
(8/21/08 WS)