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Additions, deletions and corrections to The John Coltrane Reference, for the year 1966.

  The  Chronology entry (p. 341) is revised as follows:
Ca. January or February 1966.
  The correct date for this performance is February 26, 1966.  The correct name of the venue is ‘Union Theater’, which was on the University of Wisconsin at Madison campus.  There were two concerts that evening.   Thanks to Charles Holmburg for the additional information (email of 8/24/2010).
  The  Discography entry (p. 753) is revised as follows:
add to 66-0702 a., b., c., (ann):
(9/3/10 WS)
  The  Discography entry (p. 754) is revised as follows:
session 66-0702, Session/Issue Notes [1]:
  add to “On LD and VT”: “(The World According to John Coltrane)”add: “DVD Eforfilms (Sp) IDVD 2869049 shows 0:37 video, origin of audio track not identified”
add to session 66-0702, Issue Data 1:
  DVD Eforfilms (Sp) IDVD 2869049 (Trane Tracks - The Legacy of John Coltrane) (0:37 video, origin of audio track not identified)
(8/21/08 WS)
Add to session 66-0702 Issue Data:
(new subheading)
add to Issue Data 2:
  CD Free Factory (Eu) 063 (John Coltrane/Last Performance at Newport July 2, 1966) (Released October 16, 2009 per website amazon.de)

Session/Issue Notes:
[1] a.          My Favorite Things:      
applause dubbed, intro 0.05-0.33 dubbed from 20.13-20.40
(inc 21.33)
[2] b.          Welcome:                        (complete 11.01)
[3] c.          Leo                               (complete 22.52)
(ann)                                (inc 0.08)
(9/3/10 WS)

July 9, 1966
  The Chronology entry (p. 349) is revised as follows:
Add following the last sentence of this entry:
  Parts of the different interviews are released on CD Impulse! (J) UCCI-9191/5 (John Coltrane/Live in Japan – Deluxe Edition) (5 CD)
(7/17/13 WS)
  The Discography entry (p. 756) is revised as follows:
Add as follows to Issue Data 3:
  CD Impulse! (J) UCCI-9191/5 (John Coltrane/Live in Japan – Deluxe Edition) (5 CD) (released 2011) (includes a bonus CD containing three edited, previously unreleased interviews; see Appendix B, Recorded Interviews, 66-0709)
(7/17/13 WS)

  The Discography entry (p. 757) is revised as follows:
Partial or complete issues/reissues of this session:
  Cool Jazz (J) 729_730
  Cool Jazz (J) 2141
  The Discography entry (p. 758) is revised as follows:
Add as follows to Issue Data 6:
  CD Impulse! (J) UCCI-9191/5 (John Coltrane/Live in Japan – Deluxe Edition) (5 CD) (released 2011) (includes a bonus CD containing three edited, previously unreleased interviews; see Appendix B, Recorded Interviews, 66-0709)
(7/17/13 WS)
  The  Discography entry (pp. 758-759) is revised as follows:
Session 66-1111.  Replace this entry as shown below:
  Friday, November 11, 1966 (8:30 p.m.). 'Mitten Memorial Hall Auditorium', Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.
JOHN COLTRANE GROUP: John Coltrane (ts, ss [f.], possibly fl [c., f.], voc [c., f.]); Pharoah Sanders (ts, omit on [a, d, e.]); Arnold Joyner (as [f.]); Steven Knoblauch (as [f.]); Alice Coltrane (p); Sonny Johnson (b, possibly violin); possibly Jimmy Garrison (b); Rashied Ali (dr); Omar Ali (cga); Robert Kenyatta (cga); Charles Brown (cga); Algie DeWitt (bata drum); Dave McLaughlin (voiceover rb ann [a.], discussion); Bob Rothstein (voiceover rb ann [c.], discussion).
a. Naima *1 inc 16:43     2, 3
b. Crescent   26:16     2, 3
c. Leo *2, *3 inc 21:46 1, 2, 3
d. Offering *4 4:23        3
e. Introduction to My Favorite Things *4 3:33        3
f. My Favorite Things *4 19:39        3
  Discussion of concert *5 11:38 PR

Track Notes
*1 Joined in progress. Includes voiceover radio broadcast announcement (ca. 5:41–5:50), probably by Dave McLaughlin: “You’re listening to the John Coltrane concert live from Temple University’s Mitten Hall Auditorium on WRTI-FM, 90.1 on your dial in Philadelphia.”
The concert should have begun with an introduction by Master of Ceremonies Ron Wertheimer of WRTI-FM. However, when Wertheimer walked on stage, Coltrane followed immediately behind him and began playing before Wertheimer could speak. This might explain why the beginning of "Naima" is missing--engineer Jerry Klein was waiting for Wertheimer's introduction. (Information from Michael Biel, program director of WRTI-FM, e-mail conversation October 19, 2011)

*2 Includes chanting (5:34 - 5:52) by unidentified band members and a yodel-like vocal (15.42 - 16.31) by John Coltrane.

*3 Includes voiceover during the last few seconds (over applause) without fade-out, probably by Bob Rothstein:
"You're listening to the John Coltrane concert live from Temple University's Mitten Hall on WRTI-FM, 90.1 in Philadelphia."  This track is incomplete; a break at 21:27 is followed by drums 21:28 to 21:38 and the voiceover announcement 21:38 to 21:46

*4  66-1111d, e, and f are continuous. 66-1111d ("Offering") is performed by ts, p and b. 66-1111e ("Introduction") is performed by bass only. 66-1111f (”My Favorite Things) includes vocal, probably by Coltrane, at 16:11 to 16:45.

*5 After the concert concluded, WRTI-FM announcers Dave McLaughlin and Bob Rothstein discussed the performance at length. That post-concert discussion is transcribed here.

Session/Personnel Notes
[1] Live radio broadcast on WRTI-FM, Philadelphia.

[2] Bobby Dandy solo piano [impromptu] as opening act.

[3] Rashied Ali had indicated that his brother Muhammad Ali filled in for him at this concert (Rashied Ali interviewed by Yasuhiro Fujioka, October 19, 2003, New York City). In an interview with Robert Kenyatta by Fujioka in Philadelphia, PA on March 11, 2010 (assisted by Bruce Morris), Kenyatta identified the set drummer as Rashied’s older brother Omar Ali. However, pianist Alfie Pollitt (interviewed in Philadelphia by Fujioka with assistance by Bruce Morris, September 27, 2011) provided extensive details on the concert’s personnel, including the presence of Rashied Ali and the opening performance by Dandy. Subsequently, independent research by Ashley Kahn for the notes to the forthcoming CD also confirmed that Rashied Ali performed at this concert. It’s likely therefore that Omar Ali was one of the percussionists.

[4] Thanks to Michael Biel for his considerable assistance with the details of this concert (Interview with Michael Biel by Fujioka during ARSC conference, New Orleans, LA, May 21, 2010).

[5] Sanders recorded with Don Cherry at Rudy Van Gelder’s Englewood Cliffs NJ studio on the afternoon of November 11 (music released on Where Is Brooklyn, Blue Note BLP 4311), but was able to make it to Philadelphia to perform with Coltrane that night.
(YF, LP, WS, CD, DAW 11/18/12)

Issue Data
1 CD Cool Jazz 025/100 (no. on inlay), 109 (no. on spine) (John Coltrane—Copenhagen 1961 & More) (inc 7:01)
2  CD Free Factory (Eu) 068 (John Coltrane at Temple University 1966)
(Released July 9, 2010 per website amazon.de)
On Free Factory (Eu) 068, 66-1111a. "Naima"  includes the rb ann 0.10 (ca. 5.41-5.50); applause at the beginning is probably dubbed.  66-1111c. "Leo"  fades out and the applause at the end is probably dubbed. The inlay shows incorrect and incomplete personnel.
    CD Cool Jazz (J) 239 (John Coltrane/Temple University). ([c.] “Leo” inc 20:35)

3 CD Impulse! (J) UCCI-1015/6 (John Coltrane/Live at Temple University) (2 CD). (release date not yet announced).