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Reissues - M

The Reissues section compiles information about reissues of previously issued recordings which feature John Coltrane. This page lists releases on labels whose names begin with the letters "M". For an explanation of this section, please see the Reissues Introduction page.


Labels listed on this page:

Music Matters

Leader Credit:        Coltrane, John
Release Title:          Blue Train

Label:                               Membran
Catalogue Number:        231877
UPC Code:                      4 011222 318770
ISBN:                               978-3-86735-487-5
Description:                   Box set with 10 CDs.

NOTE: Blue Note and Prestige material from 1956-1957, including complete Blue Train (57-0915) and Monk at Carnegie Hall (57-1129)

  The  reissue identified above contains the following tracks:
Session 56-0507 (p. 425)
  "On It", "Polka Dots And Moonbeams", "Weejah", "Avalon"
Session 56-0524 (p. 431)
  "Tenor Madness"
Session 56-0907 (p. 436)
  "Tenor Conclave", "Bob’s Boys", "Just You, Just Me", "How Deep Is The Ocean?"
Session 56-1130 (p. 451)
  "Soultrane", "Gnid", "Mating Call", "On A Misty Night", "Romas", "Super Jet"
Session 57-0322 (p. 457)
   "Interplay", "Soul Eyes", "Anatomy", "Light Blue", "C.T.A"
Session 57-0416 (p. 460-461)
  "Monk’s Mood"
Session 57-0418 (p. 462)
  "Solacium", "Tommy’s Time", "Minor Mishap"
Session 57-0419 (p. 463)
  "Potpourri", "Don’t Explain", "Falling In Love", "J.M.’s Dream Doll"
Session 57-0420 (p. 464-465)
  "Witches’ Pit", "Mary’s Blues" "Cat Walk", "Route Four", "Dakar", "Velvet Scene"
Session 57-0531 (p. 468)
  “Chronic Blues", "Bakai", "While My Lady Sleeps", "Time Was", "I Hear A Rhapsody", "Violets For Your Furs"
Session 57-0700 (2) (p. 475-476)
  "Trinkle, Tinkle", "Nutty"
Session 57-0816 (p. 477)
  "Slowtrane", "Trane’s Slo Blues", "Like Someone In Love", "I Love You"
Session 57-0823 (p. 479)
  "Slow Dance", "Soft Lights And Sweet Music", "Traneing In", "You Leave Me Breathless", "Bass Blues"
Session 57-0915 (p. 483)
  "Blue Train", "Moment’s Notice", "Locomotion", "I’m Old Fashioned", "Lazy Bird"
Session 57-0920 (p. 488)
  "Dealin’ (Take 1)", "Things Ain’t What They Used To Be", "Wheelin’ (Take 1)", "Robbin’s Nest", "Dealin’ (Take 2)", "Wheelin’ (Take 2)"
Session 57-1115 (p. 490)
  "Woody’n You", "I Got It Bad (And That Ain’t Good)", "They Can’t Take That Away From Me", "Our Delight"
Session 57-1129 (p. 492)
  "Monk’s Mood", "Evidence", "Crepuscule With Nellie", "Nutty", "Epistrophy", ""Bye-Ya", ""Sweet And Lovely", "Blue Monk", "Epistrophy (Incomplete)"
Leader Credit:       Davis, Miles
Release Title:         Miles Davis Featuring John Coltrane

Label:                               Membran
Catalogue Number:        223215
UPC Code:                      4 011222 232151
ISBN:                               3-86562-265-8
Description:                   Box set with 4 CDs

NOTE: Material from Columbia and Prestige Quintet sessions of 1955 and 1956.

The  reissue identified above contains the following tracks:
Session 55-1026 (p. 437)
  55-1026b-m  "Ah-Leu-Cha"
Session 56-0511 (p. 426-27)
  "Something I Dreamed Last Night", "Salt Peanuts", "Surrey with the Fring On Top", "It Never Entered My Mind", "Four", “In Your Own Sweet Way", "Diane", "When I Fall In Love", "Trane's Blues", "Ahmad's Blues", "It Could Happen To You", "Woody'n'You"
Session 56-0605 (p. 433)
  56-0605a-1 “Dear Old Stockholm”
56-0605b-3 "Bye Bye Blackbird"
56-0605c-2 "Tadd's Delight"
Session 56-0910 (p. 437-438)
  56-0910a-1  "All Of You"
56-0910b-8  "Sweet Sue, Just You"
56-0910c     "'Round Midnight"
Session 56-1026 (p. 445)
  "If I Were A Bell", "You're My Everything", "I Could Write A Book", "Well You needn't", "Half Nelson", "Oleo", "My Funny Valentine"
Leader Credit:   Griffin, Johnny 
Release Title:                  A Blowin’ Session
  Label:   Music Matters (Blue Note)
  Catalogue #:   LP AMMJ 1559 (2 LP 45 rpm)
  Description:   Reissue of LP Blue Note BLP 1559 (A Blowin' Session)
The  reissue identified above contains the following tracks:
Session 57-0406 (p. 459)
  b. "The Way You Look Tonight"
c. "Ball Bearing"
d. "All the Things You Are"
probably a-m. "Smokestack"