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Reissues - U, V

The Reissues section compiles information about reissues of previously issued recordings which feature John Coltrane. This page lists releases on labels whose names begin with the letters "U" and "V". For an explanation of this section, please see the Reissues Introduction page.


Labels listed on this page:

  Universal Japan.

Leader Credit: Coltrane, John
Release Title:                Crescent
  Label: Universal Japan
  Catalogue #: CD Universal Japan (J) UCCU 9613
  Description: Reissue of LP Impulse! A(S) 66 (Crescent)
Add this reissue to the following issue equivalent tables:
Session 64-0427 (p. 704)
  (Issue Data 1)
Session 64-0601 (p. 705)
  (Issue Data 1)