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As an active studio and session musician in Los Angeles since the mid 1970's, Ken Wild has participated in countless recording sessions of all types and in all idioms. Listed below are just a few of those recordings.

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Inner Play Jim Self (2005)
Bill Watrous with The Temple Jazz Orchestra Bill Watrous (2004)
Free Flight 2004 Free Flight (2004)
Suite for Flute and Jazz Trio Jim Walker (2004)
Ask a Woman Who Knows (DVD) Natalie Cole (2003)
You Call This A Living? Wayne Bergeron (2003)
Wild Sides Dave Wild Trio/Quartet (3/2003)
American Landscape David Benoit (9/1997)
Red Shift Bruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra (12/2002)
Heart of the Night Bruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra (1/1995)
The Blues and Other Passions Bruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra (12/1999)
Move into Your Car Bruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra (1986)
Sky Sailor Bruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra (1993)
ContraDiction Allen Savedoff (2002)
Refractions Kim Richmond (10/2003)
Freeway Mentality Doug Cameron (01/1991)
Passport Doug Cameron (04/1997)
Celtic Crossroads: The Uncharted Path Doug Cameron (02/2001)
Mil Amores Doug Cameron (08/1989)
Rendezvous Doug Cameron (1996)
Journey to You Doug Cameron (1991)
Femme Fatale Gabor Szabo (1978)
Urban Ensemble Roland Vazquez (10/1979)
Feel Your Dream Roland Vazquez (1995)
Seawind Seawind (01/1976)
Window of a Child Seawind (1977)
Light the Light Seawind (1979)
Seawind Seawind (1980)
Remember Seawind (1995)
La Mujer Shirley Bassey (06/1989)
Unsung Heroes Tierney Sutton (03/2000)
Blue in Green Tierney Sutton (07/2001)
Undercover Tim Weisberg (10/1996)
In the Still of the Night Tom Ranier (10/1997)
Ready For Your Love Buddy Greco with Alf Clausen (1984)
Swing, Swing, Swing Keely Smith (2000)
Christmas Through Your Eyes Gloria Estefan (09/1993)
Just Family Dee Dee Bridgewater (1978)
Curtains John Frusciante (2004)


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