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So What Did You Do

In The War-Movie, Daddy?


A long time ago, on an island far far away, a University of Hawaii English major with keyboard skills (at a time when keyboards were made out of wood and played notes) was gigging fairly regularly around the city and adjacent military clubs.   One source of employment was with a group of Air Force band members, led by trumpeter Larry Trautman.  That particular spring a large production company arrived on the island, intent on making a film about a certain weekend in December, 1941.   (The eerie sight of B-17's circling over Pearl Harbor is hard to forget).  One scene required a small band to play, but this being the Age of Aquarius, most musicians were just a tad hirsute.  Enter Larry and the Blue Notes, with employer-enforced haircuts totally appropriate to the era being filmed (our pianist, sweating out a final semester in ROTC, was ok except for a small moustache, recently allowed).  Thus it was that our hero found himself in uniform at the Schofield Barracks Officers Club, recreating the last dance before war. 


But the band wound up on screen for only a few seconds, the music was dubbed in later, Dave's back was to the camera, and most were unconvinced by this story ("yeah, right, Dad").  Fortunately, Trautman, later a member of the elite Airmen of Note but long since retired to south Florida, stumbled across Dave's WildPlace, and sent this proof. 

bn_tora_1969.jpg (175749 bytes)

The Blue Notes: during the filming of Tora, Tora, Tora, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, 1969. Left to right: Dave Wild, piano; Frank Hayes, bass; Larry Trautman, trumpet; Tom Baker, drums; Larry Naylor, tenor sax.

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