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The Brothers Wild

From 2003 through 2005 the bass chair in the Temple Jazz Orchestra belonged to Steve Layne.   Steve's regular employment with a country group, however,  prevented him from playing with TJO at the Saturday Temple Jazz Festival concert each of those years.   Director Tom Fairlie's solution was to bring in bassist Ken Wild, to handle TJO's bass book, act as a festival clinician, and adjudicate bands at the festival.  The Brothers Wild took advantage of the visits to book other clinics and to gig at Austin's Elephant Room, in 2004 with that year's headliner, Eric Marienthal, and in 2005 with LA saxophonist Rob Lockart.

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Ken (wielding the screwdriver on the right), gives Eric Marienthal his perspective on the music industry and booking agents, while Dave looks on. Backstage, Georgetown TX, April 2004.

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Bill Watrous (right) with Dave (left) and Ken (center) perform at Bill's Saturday clinic, April 2003.


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Left: (left to right)--Ed Calle and Ben Irom watch while Ken solos, at Ed's Friday Clinic, March 2005.
Right: (left to right)--Dave, Bill Watrous, Ken. Backstage after the concert, April 2003.



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