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Wild Sides -- Live and Wild

Ken's 2003 trip to Texas coincided with the completion of the Dave Wild Trio/Quartet CD Wild Sides, which combines the brothers with drummer Ralph Humphrey and saxophonist Larry Williams.  Dave took the opportunity to throw a party to announce the birth, in the courtyard outside Hemenway's in Waco.  Herewith a few photos (by Rex Willhelm) from that festive occasion...

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The award-winning Wildmusic sales staff takes a short break.  (Left to right)--Stacy, Anthony and Dave.


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Above: Ken and Dave.   Right: Ken

After the first set (featuring mostly material from the CD, by Dave, Ken,  Charles Burleson, drums, and Greg Bashara, saxophones), a variety of people sat in.  Left: (left to right)--Pat McKee, guitar; Ken; Lorna Willhelm, vocal; Dave.  Right: Evan Klaras, guitar, fitting perfect alterations to Ken's bass line.


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Left to right--Charles Burleson, Kenny Frazier, Tim Cates (trumpeter Byron Swann waiting his turn in the background), and Greg Bashara.


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